Why Snake Oil

Probably only a few people have had the opportunity to visit a traditional Chinese pharmacy. It certainly looks like any other and the world – shelves and drawers, but loaded with chat with strange things that are staggering for us – they can heal.

Chinese is the oldest medicine in the world. Reportedly as early as 3000 BC China has already used 230 types of medicinal herbs, 65 drugs of animal origin and 48 healing minerals. Hatrupanite centuries knowledge initially been recorded in medical work “Materia Medica” (本草), which was used as the basis for subsequent Chinese medical writings. Chinese medicine is unique both in its theory and in the range of drugs taken by the rich flora and fauna of China – from seahorses to earthworms and ants. Chinese medicine sometimes seems like a riddle wrapped in a mystery, and administered by twice daily.

An example of this are the snakes. In China there’s belief that every part of this reptile brings something to health. Even before 2000 years during the Eastern Han dynasty in the treatise “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing” refers to the application of snake skin. For it is said to cure skin rashes, eye infections, sore throat and haemorrhoids. For the first time, the healing properties of snake bile is mentioned in the notes of the famous doctor Tao Hundzin, appearing addition of “Shen Nong Bun Ching ao.” For gall bladder, skin and flesh of vipers he writes that it can treat skin diseases, intestinal bleeding and relieve pain. Today in medicine, around 20 snake species are used for the preparation of different types of drugs. Among them are both poisonous and non-poisonous.

There are at least three characteristics of snakes that have attracted the attention of traditional healers. These are flexibility and speed, change of skin and strong venom in some.

Because they are very flexible, it is assumed that can cure arthritis. Mokasinovata, a South Asian snake is currently being used in the composition of several traditional medicines for the treatment of arthritis. Sometimes these snakes are placed in a strong alcohol solution, which is later used for stiff joints.

The fact that snakes change their skin, suggests that they have regenerative properties in the treatment of chronic skin problems. As a result, the snake skin and the whole snake is used in the treatment of skin diseases. Snake skin helps in the treatment of acne, anthrax, itchy skin, psoriasis.

Bile of the snake has been long valued as a tonic that is sweet by nature. It is used for the preparation of healthy drinks in restaurants in southern China. Snake bile mixed with arrack and drank before meals acts as an invigorating and stimulating drink.

Snake venom is used today as a remedy for heart disease.

When we talk about the nutritional value of snakes, we have to start from the meat. It is unique and delicate in taste. In protein content it is equivalent to veal, and sometimes even surpasses it.

Infusion snakes and Chinese herbs- Helps in paralysis of the muscles, relieves rheumatism and strengthens the body. This type of alcohol is often called the “healthy alcohol.” It was invented by the Chinese and is so popular that it has spread to the countries of Southeast Asia.

The main component of snake fat are unsaturated fats, which is quite unusual for animals. In humans, these fatty acids are produced in small quantities, as the main body receives them through the diet. At the same time, the unsaturated lipids are a major structural component of cell membranes. Thus, the regenerative properties of the mass snake serpentine are necessary for almost all of inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the skin, muscles, liver and kidney. Snake fat and subcutaneous tissue of other animals’ depot vitamins – A, E, E and C. The combination of these vitamins with unsaturated acids has a good double action: on the one hand to restore the anatomy and on the other – for the normalization of the function of the damaged tissues. In addition, mass snake has antiseptic and soothing effects, which are a strong argument for using it  in cosmetics.

Snake Ingredients in Cosmetics

Cosmetic products based on extracts from snake:

  1. Stimulate tissue regeneration
  2. Smooth out the texture of the skin and prevent wrinkles
  3. Refresh and rejuvenate the skin
  4. Have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects
  5. Prevent the deposition of salts
  6. Displayed slag and toxins
  7. Protect the skin from negative environmental factors
  8. Successfully fight skin pigmentation
  9. Moisturizes and tones the skin

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