We have begun our adventure with TianDe in November 2012.We were dedicated to the company since the very beginning and put trust and confidence in our mutual successes. Initially we have started out our business as “TianDe Norwich” with an idea of a united community. It soon turned out that the business was not only based in Norwich, but has spread out across the whole of the UK. Within one year we have built a team of around 200 distributors. Along with the development of TianDe in the UK, we decided to go ahead and develop the business even further.

In 2014 we have changed our name to “Rune Desire” which will be our trading name in the future. Along with one other leader, who is trading under the company name of “Everest Group”, our groups have joined forces and built a business model that will revolutionize TianDe in UK.

The business model consists of a Product information website – www.runedesire.co.uk and an Online Shop for Retail Customers and Distributors – www.tiandeshop.co.uk with attractive offers for both types of customers. Both of the services are interconnected providing people with a professional and easy service.

We have also decided to become a Distribution Centre of TianDe Cosmetics in the UK that will be responsible for supplying products across the whole country.

The ideology of ours is to keep aiming higher in order to reach great success. Pushing others to achieve the same is also important for us, because only the success of our distributors will help us accomplish our goals when working in a multi-level marketing business scheme.


I grew up in a small village in the South of Poland. As a teenager I always dreamed of travelling around the world and exploring other cultures, but most importantly I always wanted to have a home that is full of love. I began to study a ”Geography within Nature” Degree at the University of “Jan Kochanowski” in Kielce. At the time, Geography was my passion and I had great plans in regards to this subject. Yet time has changed everything.

In July 2009 I have met Szczepan. I was on the coach to my best friend in order to ‘change my life’ after breaking up with my current boyfriend. Szczepan was living in England at the time, but that day he has paid a visit to Poland to attend a business meeting with one of the local companies. He had planned to see his family in his hometown, but coincidentally he got on the same coach as I was on and this is where our story began. Szczepan simply took a seat next to me and started a conversation. We talked throughout the whole journey and could not stop. We didn’t even realize that we got to the town where he was meant to be getting of the coach. As I wasn’t travelling much further than Szczepan and because we got on so well, we have decided to meet again.

The meeting was so incredible, that I almost forgot about my horrible experiences from just a couple of days ago. That was the time when we both realized that we have very similar views and personalities. We definitely didn’t want this relationship to end.

Szczepan flew back to England next day and I waited. I have completed my Undergraduate Degree and began my Postgraduate Studies. We have been on the phone to each other every day for several hours. We started to realize that we were meant to be together.

We got impatient and we realized that there is no way that we can go on like this.

After six months of non-regular visits between countries, I moved to England. My whole world was flipped upside down. I found it difficult to understand local people, had problems with the language and could not grasp on the overall mentality of people – I was a mess.

After several years of mine and Szczepan’s hard work, giving up on completing my Postgraduate Studies and going through many stages of depression, I was ready to change my life.

This was when TianDe appeared in my life all of a sudden in November 2012, and I have joined up. I started learning things that I have never even heard of before, and challenge myself in everything I did. I have started to take small steps and set myself small targets; this helped me overcome my depression and I have began to fulfill my dream; a home full of love.

When I started my career in MLM or – Network Marketing program, we were just two young people. We did not understand business or money. All we knew is that we have product, and a chance to do something with our lives.

Our real successes started when Szczepan and I got engaged. We began to work together as life partners, business partners and best friends. We were determined to never give up on our dreams.

When I was on my way to my friend, I wanted to change my life – and I did! I have met my future husband, moved to England and began my adventure with TianDe. The truth is that we are just at the beginning of this journey, and we are taking baby steps. I will not let go of the opportunity to fulfill my goals and dreams that TianDe has given to me. “When you really desire of something, the whole universe will help you to get it” – this is a quote that dug deep into my heart, after reading one of Paulo Coelho’s books. I believe in those words with all my heart and I will let them lead my group to success.


I grew up in a small town in the South-East of Poland. It wasn’t easy. I wasn’t considered to be “one of the best” at school and things were different every day at home. When I have finished Secondary School in 2005 I did not really know what to do next. There weren’t any good undergraduate courses in my area, and I could not afford University Fees.

However, several months before completing Secondary School the thought of travelling to the United Kingdom has come to my mind. It was more of my mother’s idea than mine, but it was still an option. I would have a nice start in the UK, considering that my cousin lived here. I wanted to earn some money, to study. The plan was to stay in the UK for 6 months. Here I am now; writing about it 9 years later.

When I moved to England in 2005 I didn’t know what I would have to go through. I was a teenager, always looked after by my mum, now I had to face real life.  Different jobs at warehouses, washing dishes and more, lack of friends and loneliness really got to me – my depression period began.

Through out this period I have worked in many places and attempted many crazy things. I even applied for a ”Computing Science Degree” at the University of East Anglia, where I got accepted. I have completed the first year of Undergraduate Degree and half of the second year. Due to lack of money and a growing debt I had to quit studying.  I also realized that I simply didn’t want to continue on the path of becoming a robot.

I had problems with keeping one job for more than several months since I can remember.  I simply got bored after some time, as I have learned everything I could in the job and there was no perspective for promotion or doing something else. At that point my need of education and personal development took over and I had to look for something else. I attempted to start two companies – one based on web design and graphic design, which had resulted in just one customer and a great loss of money, the second one was supposed to connect two countries; UK and Poland with myself and my business partner in the middle, as professional brokers – that also had no success money wise. Even though my business adventures didn’t make me richer, I have learnt much more than money can buy. Most importantly I have developed a drive to live my own life and not the life of my boss.

After struggling to survive for 5 years, getting into debt and fighting with everyone possibly including my family, in July 2009 I went to Poland to attend a business meeting regarding casting parts for tanks and importing them to UK. This was when I met Weronika.

We met on the coach – I was traveling back to my hometown whilst she was traveling to her friend to “change her life”. Long story short; after 6 months of phone calls and non-regular meeting she has moved to England to live with me. My life has changed; it finally had a purpose. My dream of creating a home that is warm and filled with love started to come true.

My story with TianDe began in November 2012 when Weronika joined. Me as a ”proud man” said I don’t want to join, as I considered it a ”women’s business”. I quickly realized I was very much wrong and started to support Weronika in everything that she did.

Yet again, after one year of hard work – learning things that we never knew existed, talking to people that we would never be brave enough to talk to, and overcoming many other challenges, we have created a team of distributors and what we believed to be a stable business.

Today we are two young and energetic leaders. We believe that distributors are the most important part of our team. We are dedicated to them, as they are the people who are a permanent part of our business. We also believe that nothing is an impossible thing and we treat every obstacle as a challenge with a purpose – the success of our distributors.

We plan our next months and years with passion and excitement, where we anticipate our distributors to expand and achieve personal, as well as business successes.

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